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Noticing the existing need in the Romanian academic milieu for new forms of expression and civic training of young people, in March 2009 Romanian Association for Security Society, with the support from academic institutions and non-governmental organisations, took the initiative of setting up an workshop of scientific discussion and public attitudes – The Workshop for Security Society (WSS).

Up till now, there were held 22 sessions of meetings and debates with the participation of young professionals or scholars, Ph.D. candidates and students.

Rite of Passage

26 March 2009 - Error and/or falsification? Representatives of the intellectual elite of the country and abroad about the Romanians and Romania

9 April 2009 – Subsidiarity principle, possible solution against corruption and institutional inefficiency of a state?

22 April 2009 - Rights or privileges? The issue of access to fundamental rights conditioned by tax compliance

7 May 2009 - Freedom and societal resistance sources

21 May 2009 – Societal Security Report. Design and conception.

4 June 2009 – Romanian Revolutions. Communities, elites and institutions

8 October 2009 – Preconceptions and stereotypes about Romania and Romanians

29 October 2009 – What does for Romania the Romanian State?

12 November 2009 – The young generation from Romania and its choices for tomorrow

26 November 2009 - Romania between utopia and strategy. Are the problems of Romania solvable?

10 December 2009 – Forgotten History of Romania. How much have we forgotten and why?

14 January 2010 –  Re-emergence of classics in the world of GSMTNCISI

28 January 2010 – Passive opposition principle. Ghandi – or about another kind of elites and political reactions

18 February 2010 - Mother tongue – the path of community to reach us

15 April 2010 – The Romanian economy between the assimilation of contents and forms without substance

29 April 2010 – Liberties and liberty. The personal balance and the today education for the private life

18 November 2010 – Romanian popular ballad and the topics of modern sociology

16 December 2010 – The modern family and its capacity to fulfil the social functions

27 ianuarie 2011 –  The peasant cililization and the cultural trait of the common people from today

24 Februarie 2011 – The societal risks from tightening the global interdependences

10 Martie 2011 – Romanians and Romanian culture influence on Europe

24 Martie 2011 – The scars of contemporary Romanian sociology. How deep are the effects of the postbelic political and ideological interventions?