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Societal Security

Societal security is a particular form of security concerning human communities.  In its absence our communities could not survive throughout history, the collective memory and identity cannot be protected, and the cultural-symbolic and social cohesion of a society would be impossibile to preserve.

The interest in societal security issues has derived from a growing awareness of the distinction between the state security interests and needs, as a political-administrative entity, and those of the community living within its borders. Societal security refers to the peoples’ ability to defend themselves from the structural aggressions and threats that adversely affect their survival, organic values, goals and collective meanings.

In the last decades, the concern for matters of societal security has undergone continuous growth as a result of EU enlargement and interest shown by European institutions to preserve ethic and religious specificities, communities’ identity and ethno-cultural data and to prevent democid, exclusion and discrimination.

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